Starbucks Partner Music app


Starbucks had been working on an app with Spotify for their partners (baristas, managers and cashiers) to play music in their shops. User feedback had already given the product a direction for features so they had a start on what they thought the app should be, but after making the first version there were a few problems, so they came to Mentor to solve them.

Music Selection

solution 1

There were two separate ways for accessing and playing music, they felt disjointed and it was unclear where to go to change music. The ‘Tune’ button was also something that was confusing, tune was meant to be something that a user could adjust to a mood and it would create a playlist, but this was unclear from the CTA.

Our solution was to show one clear entry point to music selection from Home screen saying ‘change music’ so it’s clear to the user what they’ll be doing when they tap it. Once on Playlist screen, the user can choose a preset playlist or create a custom one, a custom playlist has replaced the ‘Tune’ button for something that people are more familiar with.



solution 2


The previous version of ‘Tune selection’ had a slider for the temp of the music, this wouldn’t be a problem if there was a wide variety in tempo speed, but this app only offered 3 tempo speeds, so a slider didn’t make sense. Duration of the playlist in minutes also had three options and was updated to the same style as tempo selection.

Changing Music

solution 3

When a user changes the music the music wont change automatically, it will change on the next song so that the current song doesn’t end abruptly, but originally the user wouldn’t know that, after selecting a playlist they would just be sent to the first screen again. We solved this problem by doing two things: A toast that pops over the now playing screen after selection saying “playing next” and we replace the copy saying how many songs are left to “(selected playlist) is coming up next”.


Starbucks was happy with our work and decided to continue working with us on more projects.