Adding Activities to EveryMove


Adding an activity on EveryMove was really important. We knew that we would need to make it quick and painless, and feel rewarding for doing so. We also needed the user to say more about the activity, something that had feeling about how their activity was so other users can react to it (like & comment). Posts that had a description were promoted in the feed.


Adding activities on the mobile app wasn’t getting enough people to say something about their activities. Activities needed to have emotion in them, something that was more interesting than dry cut facts, but we still wanted the user to enter an activity so they can receive badges, active days and other point related things.


Entering an activity could be broken down into two categories: Story/narrative and fact.

add activity thoughts




A: The user had a photo they wanted to share with their friends on EveryMove (Story/narrative)
C: The user had just finished the gym and wanted to see if they got an active day for their workout (fact)

In both examples, we would want to give them the opportunity to enter either an activity or a story about the activity, so they start in A and end in B, or start in C and end in B. So the start of any entry is what the user wanted to enter in the moment, and the end is an opportunity to add more.


Giving options before getting too deep into adding an activity allows the user to shortcut to what they want to accomplish. Below you can see how the examples above have been solved:







I had the flow for how to enter a user’s activity details complete, but for the progress that is shown in between entering detail and adding a description I wanted to do a little more. Your progress is a few things: your Active Day, how many points you received, and your progress in a goal or multiple goals. I decided to treat it the way some games do after level completion or after a round is over; an automatic display of their achievement, an option to skip it if they want to, and a way to get back to it if they missed it.

Watch the animation below to understand: